Are you looking to realize the savings of managing your own home building or home improvement project? We’re here to help. Calgary home builder Elevated Consulting’s inventive Self Management program lets you be the general contractor and fills in any gaps there may be in your experience. Whether it is drawing up house plans for your custom build project, or project costing, scheduling, trade selection, contracts and quality control. We can provide as much or as little support as you need on your design build to get professional results.

Three heads are better than two. Realtors and home inspectors do a great job of helping you find a home on the right street that will be safe for our families. Sometimes you need another set of eyes to look deeper into potential problems or help you see the future potential of your home. Before you make the biggest financial decision of your life, let us have a look and answer any questions you may have.

Litigation is an unfortunate truth in the home development and home building industries. We will work with your lawyer or directly for you as the homeowner or builder, to provide expert advice and reporting to help mediate disagreements. We will work alongside your team from initial deficiency reporting, through compliance reviews and remediation reporting to testimony at trial to help you get what you were promised.

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