Our story begins with a lawyer, a realtor, and four dimmer switches. While working as a project manager for an inner-city construction management company, I was recommended to a lawyer representing a couple in need of a second opinion on their completed renovation project.

The project had broken down over four dimmer switches. The refusal by the contractor to honor their promise for these dimmers got the customers asking questions and wondering about the integrity of their entire renovation. Skeptical of their contractor, they turned to a lawyer, who then turned to their realtor acquaintance to find a construction expert who could provide the insight they needed.

I was asked to prepare a deficiency list, then a series of reports for their litigation and finally to replace the renovation the previous contractor had done. Elevated began that day, because the market needed more general contractors that people felt they could trust. More and more, we hear stories of tragedy instead of triumph in our industry. We want to bring more stories of happy, satisfied and excited clients.

Professionalism and a customized experience has been our key to success in every renovation, custom home, and consulting case we’ve taken on. We aren’t the only company that can deliver these results, but we think you’ll find us different. We’re always happy to meet with you and explain why.

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