I began my career earlier than most. Being the son of a carpenter, builder, and entrepreneur has its advantages. At a young age, I was introduced to construction and building. I received my first real workbench at three years old. Saturdays and summers were filled with manual labour. My father was a perfectionist and taught both my brother and me to approach every task with the same need for perfection. After 15 years being a carpenter, a site supervisor, and a construction manager, the opportunity to start something of my own presented itself and I began Elevated Developments. Elevated Developments is built on my need for perfection and my pleasure in producing quality products.


I began my career as a teacher. I taught grade one French immersion for five rewarding years. The decision to leave my career and join my husband was not an easy one. The opportunity to continue building a business alongside him and work with clients is new and exciting. The industry is still new to me, but this serves me well, providing another perspective when approaching new projects. Our business provides me the opportunity to interact with different people and flex my creative side. Every new project brings new people, stories, and opportunities to create. I am confident when someone hires us, because we are so committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality.